The Story

“It’s more than just the story.”

As MANIA begins New Renard is a bustling metropolis. A city of peace and prosperity to many. Bubbling beneath the surface, however, is a war threatening to burst. Supermanics forced into hiding, hated for their very existence, turn to crime and revenge to get by while Fahrenheit built PoliceBots attempt to maintain the fragile order Reitag has worked so hard to construct in his perfect city. For nearly thirty years the city has been a leader in in technology, a symbol of peace, and a monument to the victories of the private sector, but a shift is about to occur that will change all of that forever.

The year is 2052 in the technological metropolis of New Renard. For decades the world has been in turmoil. Sometime in the early 20’s a catastrophic meltdown in the Rocky Mountains spread nuclear waste through the heart of the United States of America and Canada. Those with money and power fled across country, to the relatively undamaged West Coast. Those who could not afford to make the trip were left in the wreckage that was Eastern America.

Political tension rose as the East fell into disrepair and ruination; many nations cut off support to the USA as refugees flooded Europe and Asia in untold millions. The breaking point occurred in 2023 when the Western States voted to officially separate themselves from the United States of America. Instead wishing to become a series of independent states run by private governments. A vast civil war was set in motion that threatened to decimate what little remained of North America.

Until the Spring of 2024 when Maxwell L. Reitag, a brilliant young engineer, came forward with his solution; the ARC. Short for Augmented Reality Chip, the ARC was capable of altering the perception of the person it was implanted into. This allowed for soldiers with heightened reaction speeds, and incredible real time information in combat such as ammo, enemy locations, and all around vision. The result was a swift and decisive victory for the West.

After his incredible success with the ARC Reitag’s company, the Fahrenheit Corporation, was given free range to redesign the ARC for civilian usage. Within only a few years Fahrenheit was able to amass enough land to begin the construction of New Renard: a gigantic sprawling city that rivaled any state in the entirety of the the West.
It has been nearly thirty years since the introduction of the ARC v1.0, a personal operating system developed by the Fahrenheit regulate and improve the lives of its users. Ever since the first version of the civilian ARC hit the streets crime rates have dropped by over 90% and unrest in the population is virtually gone. Once again it seemed as though Mr. Reitag had changed the course of history with the ARC. Until a wrench was thrown into the plan.

A small segment of the population exhibits an adverse reaction when implanted with the ARC. Individuals with abnormal tendencies and disorders exposed to high stress situations have reported their ARC’s “snapping” and causing changes in their mind-body chemistry. Those affected by the glitched ARCs appear to develop enhanced super human abilities as some sort of defense mechanism against the ARC’s interference. These events, while sometimes harmless, often result in extremely violent or destructive outbursts. The individuals themselves are often unstable and prone to psychotic episodes; leading the populace to dub them “Supermanics” or simply Manics for short.

The first recorded occurrence of a Supermanic sent New Renard into a panic and put Fahrenheit in the center of one of the largest debates of the 21st Century. Despite countless attempts to redesign the system by some of the greatest minds in the world the glitch remained, no amount of retooling seemed to eradicate it. Reitag, desperate to negate the damage done by these individuals launched a staunch program to find, regulate, and eventually “cure” all Supermanics within New Renard. With the full support of the city the Supermanic Database was formed; a catalog intended to document and detail every Supermanic in New Renard so that the can be properly contained by Fahrenheit officials.