Issue 002: The Light

Published: September 20, 2016
Director: Jeremy Lasman
Writer: Leon Conliff
Artist: Teddy Wright IV
Letterer: James Sparkman

The city of New Renard has become famous for its incredible advancements in technology over the past few decades. Improvements in robotics, transportation, and energy have ushered in an era of leisure and comfort. These advantages, however, can come at a price.

In Issue 002 – The Light, Dr. Tessa Ignatius finds herself trapped in a city of her own invention, made up of technology stolen by the person she once trusted most. Now known simply as “Iris”, Tessa is on the run from the woman who took everything from her.

Meanwhile, an enigmatic hacker calling himself Alex is trying to recruit Supermanics to rise up against the monolithic Fahrenheit Corporation…

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