Issue 001: The Shift

Published: March 14, 2016
Director: Jeremy Lasman
Writer: Leon Conliff
Artist: Teddy Wright IV
Letterer: James Sparkman

New Renard was built to be the perfect city. Its infrastructure is automated by artificial intelligence, and the people are free to enjoy lives of leisure. The only price of admission is to accept the ARC implant—a biological computer that regulates body chemistry. However, in certain people with atypical neurology, the ARC malfunctions and imbues the user with incredible abilities. These anomalies are dubbed Supermanics.

Jumpstart is one such Supermanic, and despite a lifetime of trying he has never found the prosperity promised to him. Instead all his effort has led him to the top of the largest building in the city with little to lose. Meanwhile a vicious criminal known as Midna threatens what little visage of peace remains.

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