In New Renard, Your Neurodivergence is your superpower.

Nearly thirty years have passed since the introduction of the Augmented Reality Chip (ARC). Since its adoption, crime rates have dropped by over 90% and unrest in the population is virtually gone.

However, there have been glitches in the ARC systems, and those affected have begun to exhibit enhanced super human abilities….

Issue 3:

The Faces

Fahrenheit’s CEO, Reitag, dispatches his enforcer, Jack of Many Faces, to investigate the Supermanics who have been in contact with Alex.


For thirty years New Renard has been owned and operated by the Fahrenheit Corporation. For thirty years Fahrenheit has extended its reach into the lives of every individual in the city. Now, for the first time, Fahrenheit’s control over New Renard has been challenged. A hacker calling himself Alex is trying to unite Supermanics against the corporate juggernaut. Worse, those Supermanics have eluded capture and cost Fahrenheit millions. With tensions rising, Fahrenheit CEO Maxwell Reitag decides to take action and dispatches his finest spy, Jack of Many Faces, to hunt this hacker down and silence him.

Known Supermanics


NAME:Sati Chhal
DOB:January 1, 2025
JOB:Nuclear Engineer


  • Attention Deficit/
    Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Adjustment Disorder with
    Anxiety: Guilt Complex
Power of


Prism is able to imprint her surplus thoughts into machines, granting them a consciousness of their own.