The imaginative team at A.L.Ex Studios has created the next paradigm in superhero entertainment. MANIA: The Infancy, the first graphic novel of the MANIA comic franchise takes inspiration from the classics of the comic book industry like Batman: Hush and Watchmen and combines it with the sensibilities of classic science fiction films like The Fifth Element, The Matrix and Blade Runner to introduce a radical new approach to super powers.


A.L.Ex Studios is the creative production module of the Expedition, the place where we make the best art and the most engaging stories we can. Central to the A.L.Ex Studios mission is the concept of Mindful Entertainment. At the Studios we believe that art can change the world, and the best art speaks to more than just appealing aesthetics. By collaborating with our fellow artists and challenging each other to perfect our artistry, we hope to give our audience something worthwhile to consume, food for the mind as well as the eyes. At A.L.Ex Studios, we’re tired of mindless entertainment, and we want to work together to make something better.


The mission of A.L.Ex Studios is to produce Mindful Entertainment and support passionate, imaginative artists who think outside the cube.

A.L.Ex Studios provides creative services for individuals and companies looking for animation, motion pictures, television production, print publications, and special effects.

What is “Mindful Entertainment”?

“Mindful Entertainment” encapsulates the belief that we do not have to turn our brains off in order to have fun. The Art & Learning Expedition is founded on the belief that creativity and personal betterment are intrinsically linked, and Mindful Entertainment is that belief in action. Artists and creators at A.L.Ex Studios seek to bring fun and joy to their audience while also improving themselves artistically and generally, always helping each other learn and grow. Through our art we hope to kickstart important discussions and tackle complex topics without sacrificing entertainment value. Mindful Entertainment thrives on questions, conversations, and challenges; A.L.Ex Studios encourages feedback and hopes to always stay in constant conversation with its audience.

If you believe in A.L.Ex Studios’ commitment to Mindful Entertainment and have a passion project that needs a little love, care, and resources to become a reality, contact us! We are currently looking for new properties to join the A.L.Ex Studios family. Jumpstart your passion, reach new audiences, and bring your dreams to life with the power of the A.L.Ex Engine…