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The Art & Learning Expedition is a conglomerate of artists working and playing together. If you want to join our growing community, check out our membership offerings, each one focused on a different A.L.Ex Module.


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Become a Researcher!

  • Contribute an amount of your choice every month (minimum $1)
  • You are subscribed to the A.L.Ex Observer Newsletter
  • Receive your official A.L.Ex Labs Key to access Restricted Content



Become a Passenger!

  • Your name goes on our “Passengers” page in MANIA!
  • Automatic pre-order for all new (standard) issues of MANIA
  • All-access pass to the A.L.Ex Studios digital backlog
  • 15% off anything in the A.L.Ex Store
  • Access to the Passengers forum which includes polls, and interaction with Studios creators.
  • Virtual admission to A.L.Ex Events.


Packages starting at

Become an Explorer!

  • Unlimited daily Dojo use by appointment
  • Free admission to all exclusive A.L.Ex Events
  • Your own artist profile on the A.L.Ex Grid
  • Access to our community of Artists via A.L.Ex Grid
  • Virtual Dojo (Coming Soon!)


Become a Pilot!

  • Your own official Pilot page on the A.L.Ex Grid
  • Promotion and representation of your artistry by A.L.Ex
  • Opportunities for creative challenges through A.L.Ex Agency
  • Your partnership directly enables the progress of all Artists onboard A.L.Ex!