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Jeremy Lasman is a creative entrepreneur, the founder of A.L.Ex, and a self-described “mad scientist.” He received his B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from Chapman University. He has worked in video production and editing since high school, and served as a SpaceX technologist for several years. Jeremy is passionate about empowering Artists and unlocking our collective imagination.


If you feel blocked in your search for heightened productivity and improved creativity, Jeremy offers private coaching for an individualized experience or collaborative introspection. Schedule your free powerful coaching conversation now to start down the path to greater artistic freedom!

Jeremy’s one-on-one approach combines measurable milestones with spontaneous discovery, giving you a clear path to success without the rush and stress of hard deadlines. Every Artist is different, so Jeremy takes a customized approach with every client. Whether you need more accountability, gentle guidance to find your passion, or the critical eye of a professional, Jeremy will work with you every step of the way to achieve your dreams!
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Explore the Artistry of Indecision with Jeremy and learn his innovative techniques for turning your work into play! Book an event today to ignite your group or company’s passion and creativity.

Jeremy Lasman is available for public speaking events catered toward creative professionals, aspiring artists, and other indecisive dreamers. Jeremy is an inspirational speaker who focuses on topics of imagination, technology, spirituality, and self-empowerment to help his clients break down the barriers to pursuing their passion. No two events are the same, as Jeremy’s speaking engagements are both highly interactive and custom-tailored for their unique audience. Book now and start imagining new possibilities!
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Comics and Contemplation on the Road

This past weekend I traveled to San Jose for Silicon Valley Comic Con. Last year was my first time at the event as an exhibitor for A.L.Ex Studios’ flagship comic, MANIA, but this was my first time as just an attendee. Having the prior year’s experience under my belt I felt more prepared to tackle the con. It was Space Exploration themed which was really cool. I got to talk with scientists as well as creators and struck up great conversations and made some good connections.

The panels were also very interesting and relevant this year, dealing with things like emerging technology, robots, VR, AR, neural prosthetics, artificial intelligence, and their implications for humanity. A lot of themes that resonate with the vision for MANIA. I went to a very meaningful panel on Saturday called Classroom Crossover Event: Comics in Secondary Education which was a complete revelation. I met with a teacher after who purchased a copy of MANIA and was very enthusiastic about including it in her curriculum.

The themes present at the con really fired up my ideas for A.L.Ex and the new Paradigm of Passion. Another panel I attended on Sunday called The Future of Learning: 2030 gave me a whole new perspective on self-guided education and inspired passion training ideas for the future. All in all, I had a great time catching up with a lot of the creators I had met at previous conventions and I look forward to going back next year.

Silicon Valley Comic Con also provided me with the opportunity to road trip up from Los Angeles and stop at various local comic book shops to get copies of MANIA on store shelves. After our successful Kickstarter campaign it felt important to me to utilize the momentum and further MANIA’s outreach as much as possible. Throughout the round trip, I stopped at around ten comic book shops.

The experience was very rewarding. Not only did I get to chat with comic shop owners face to face but I got to stand there as they flipped through the pages. All the owners that got to take a look at our books were very impressed with the quality. With these guys, it was all business. I could sense their “would my demographic buy this?” type of reaction. But at the same time, I didn’t really have to ‘sell’ MANIA to them. The product really speaks for itself.

What I believe sold the owners who ended up taking a few issues of MANIA was just the human connection and the ability to hold and see the comic. That really makes a difference! The most valuable knowledge I took away from this type of outreach was really understanding the marketing approach that we will have to take with MANIA in order to get it in front of people. The more we learn how we stand apart, the more we can cater our marketing toward the ideal audience that will enjoy MANIA the most.

If you are in the Central-Northern California area, check out the following shops to pick up your copy today! And if you have a favorite comic book shop that you frequent, be sure to #askforMANIA.

Heroes Comics – Fresno, CA

Red Sky Comics – Merced, CA

Legends Comics and Games – Santa Clara, CA

Legends Comics – Fresno, CA

Day Four: Perception: Scarcity and Abundance

One of the core concepts of Quantum Physics posits that the act of observation can alter the outcome of a situation. In psychology there is the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy, which describes a situation in which a person knowingly causes a prediction to come true simply by being aware of the prediction. Perception is … Continue reading "Day Four: Perception: Scarcity and Abundance"
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Ship Update 122216

As 2016 comes to a close, I want to reflect on the last few months of our journey through collective collaborative creativity. Momentum is building for the Art and Learning Expedition and I feel we are ready to slingshot into the new year full of fuel to expand A.L.Ex into new realms of success. As the entrepreneurial Captain of this Ship, I’m so excited not only about the future but in looking back and seeing what our Crew has accomplished in such a short time. In addition to our stellar productivity, every day we are clarifying and distilling what the heart of A.L.Ex is, and it makes me so proud of what we are engineering for humanity together.

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Nurturing Potential from Indecision


What is an Artist and Why do we make Art?

My search for passion began as an investigation into clearing indecision away from desire.

There is a deeper message I want to get across without empowering the fear that the surface emotions express.

As an entrepreneur and business leader there is this traditional notion of what confidence is. The concept that I am embodying a lens that sees clearly down a straight path to success and business expansion. Always knowing the answers, knowing the path, and knowing what to do to get there.

Before starting the Art and Learning Expedition (A.L.Ex) I did not believe myself to be an artist. I wasn’t worthy yet. I wasn’t talented yet. I wasn’t allowed to be an artist. I couldn’t write a book, I couldn’t draw a picture, I couldn’t make a painting. This was the case both from a judgmental and subjective quality lens as well as from my own impatient personality that wouldn’t allow me to sit down to practice. Because of these reasons, I did not consider myself creative or even to have imagination. I’m not digressing down this path to inspire pity, but to demonstrate a paradigm of lack in my self-identification. Our beliefs about ourselves mold our experiences just as our thoughts create our reality. What I mean by paradigm is the world in which we craft ourselves and inhabit in our mind.

When I explored what creativity and passion meant to me I was met with a barrage of indecision and resistance. These two concepts were in complete opposition to how I was socially conditioned. I was taught to be safe, efficient, and automatic. In simplest terms, I was taught to avoid the unknown. This is where I believe a huge portion of people find themselves unable to cross a threshold in their own belief structures and routines. It is in the automatic avoidance of the unknown that we keep the union of spirit artificially separate as cognitive dissonance creates battles in our brain, causing dis-ease and pain in the body and chaos in our environment.

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