A.L.Ex Dojo is the training ground for all Artists onboard the Expedition. Drawing on the tradition of martial arts schools, A.L.Ex Dojo is a space designed for maximum productivity, talent development, and self-improvement. Also like the traditional dojo, A.L.Ex Dojo is supported and maintained by its users. It is up to all members to contribute to the positive and welcoming energy at the Dojo as well as treat the Dojo’s resources and tools with care and respect.

A.L.Ex Dojo is founded on a Theory influenced by the Montessori educational approach, the audience effect, and Julia Cameron’s seminal course in creativity, The Artist’s Way. The Dojo utilizes a self-guided approach to passion training and personal exploration, empowering artists of all fields to trust their own intuition and imagination. At A.L.Ex Dojo, you choose how you will work and play, while having the support and encouragement of an entire team.

The core tenets of the A.L.Ex Dojo philosophy are as follows:

Observe the Vibe:
Be aware of the energy you bring into the Dojo, respect Artists sharing the space, and always come to the Dojo with the desire to create, collaborate, and Level Up!

Contribution is Key: Open collaboration is a huge part of the culture at A.L.Ex Dojo; be prepared to discuss your work, offer opinions on the work of others, and be part of the group!

Work is Play: Follow your inspiration at the Dojo. Don’t force yourself to keep working on something if it no longer feels positive or productive. We encourage taking breaks, having snacks, or even just asking for help! Always work and play with passion.