The Art and Learning Expedition envisions a global community where the boundaries between work and play disappear. We are empowering a new generation to take charge of their own education and evolution. We believe in a new abundant paradigm of business, powered by passion, joy, potential, and resources.


The objective of the Art and Learning Expedition is to develop individuals into self-sustainable Brands, nurturing their passion along the way, and allowing them the freedom to choose their own path to success. When the individual is empowered the whole community is enriched.


The A.L.Ex Engine represents perfect harmony and the manifestation of abundance. The output of each A.L.Ex Module (Studios, Dojo, Agency, Labs) contributes to the power and efficiency of the Engine. Joining our community gives you access to all parts of the Engine, and infuses you and your passion project with its productive energy. Give your creativity an interstellar boost!


The Art and Learning Expedition is on a journey to discover the Artistry within everyone. A.L.Ex is a creative organization made up of leaders and artists from all fields, dedicated to prioritizing passion over money and developing individual talent through free form collaboration. We want to revolutionize the way the world thinks about work and play and we want you to join us on the journey. Where could the Expedition take you?